Meet the Compulsory 1 Group

Introducing the Compulsory 1 group coached by the very busy coach Gary! This super group of girls train 8 hours per week and are working on their Level 1 skills. On beam, they are perfecting their cartwheel to handstand dismount, straight jump and arabesque. On floor, Gary is helping them with  kick to handstand,  cartwheel, split jump, backward roll and forward roll.

The girls had their first competition in Alliston a few weeks ago and did a stellar job !! Looking forward to seeing them again in action in April at their next Invitational.

From left to right: Anika H. (age 6), Katie S. (age 6), Kathrine (Kat) M. (age 7), Ava A. (age 7),  Hannah W. (age 7),  Diana M. (age 6), Letitia H. (age 6)


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