OGC Tumblers who qualified to Ontario Championships

We just wan to congratulate all of the OGC Tumblers who were able to meet the qualification standards to attend the 2020 Ontario Championships for Tumbling.  Sadly the Ontario Championships have been cancelled for this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are proud of you none-the-less and want to celebrate the fact that you OGC Tumblers worked hard this season and had made the grade.  Well done to all!



Level 1 9-10 Age Division Girls

Lily Gomes

Anika Dojcinovska

Victoria Lopez-Carreon

Logan Sims

Level 1 11 Age Division Girls

Dahlia Wiberg

Lily Winstanley

Zaina Ramadan

Level 1 12 Age Division Girls

Gabriella Hornby

Marlies Rossborough

Level 1 13 Age Division Girls

Daniela Ortega

Hile Han

Level 1 14+ Age Division Girls

Layan El Sayed

Level 2 12- Age Division Girls

Natasha Gazdar

Riley Cheung

Lauren Cheung

Adilinn e Boisvert

Level 2 13-14 Age Division 

Hildur Gudnadottir

Level 3 15- Age Division Girls

Maya Brabenec

Level 4 Girls

Sienna Maddalena

Maria Maldonado

Level 2 Boys 

Adrian Riccio

Level 3 Boys

Parker Morel

Ryker Grywul

Level 4 Boys

Zander Nath

Hamza Qureshi

National Level Tumblers are permitted to attend Ontario Championships.  They do not have a qualification standard that they need to meet in order to attend the Ontario Championships.  All of our National level tumblers would have been going to the 2020 Ontario Championships.

We look forward to the 2021 season and wish all of our tumblers the best of luck in their training once we are able to get back to a normal, in-gym schedule.



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