Meet Team 3

Introducing Team 3. From left to right we have Ella (age 13), Adriana (age 12), Leona age (11), Jessica (age 10), Sylvia (age 9), Alessia (age 9), Samantha (age 12), Lia (age 10), and Vivian (age 14).

These tough cookies train 25 hours per week with coach Aleks – who was kept very busy attending a great number of competitions. Adriana and Alessia competed level 6 this year, Jessica level 7, Lia Aspire 1, Sylvia Aspire 2, Leona and Samantha level 8 and Ella level 9. Vivian was devoted to coming in the gym everyday and staying on top of her game as well as supporting her teammates while recovering from injury.

Some of the skills they worked on included aerials and round off back handsprings on beam, Yurchenko and Tsuk on vault, free hips, fly-a-ways and double back dismounts on bars and back layout with twists on floor.

While the gym is closed, they are still actively conditioning and staying strong as a team. They can’t wait to return to the gym and get back at it.

Stay strong and healthy !!!


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