Meet OGC’s P4 Acro Group

OGC’s P4 group is a talented group of rising stars that work hard training 16 hours each week but who also know how important it is to sometimes let loose and have fun! Coached by Alyssa, P4 consists of 14 gymnasts competing at the youth level. The group is divided into 6 partnerships consisting of 2 women’s groups, 2 women’s pairs, a men’s pair, and a mixed pair. Several of the P4 partnerships qualified and competed with outstanding results last year on Team Ontario.

These future elite level acrobats can be seen in action at the Ontario provincial championships in May and many will also compete at the upcoming Vegas Acro Cup later this year.

Back row, standing from left to right:

Maya Predovich, Age 13; Sara Meneses, Age 13; Peyton Morel, Age 13; Reis Glowsky, Age 10; Jorden Diana, Age 12; Amytis Damad, Age 13; Gabrielle Nunez, Age 12; Andrew Brown-LaPalme, Age 14

Middle row from left to right:

Janine Gong, Age 9; Alexandra Kim-Lemay, Age 9; Ella Fedoration, Age 9; Karolina Kopec, Age 11

Front row from left to right:

Emerson Wong, Age 10; Lauren Marttila, Age 9

📸 credit: Carol Summers


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