Meet OGC’s Acro Teams

P1 Group

Coached by former acro superstar Erin Oswald, the P1 team competes individual routines at level 5. They are the future stars of the acro scene and train 6 hours a week.

From left to right (in bridge photo): Neveah Kaplan, age 8; Milana Koval, age 8; Claire Charszewski, age 9; Lucas Izzo, age 7; Mia Zhou, age 7; Logan Sims, age 7; Yara Aly, age 7; Abby Wong, age 6; and Aliza Shaukat, age 7.

P2 Group

The P2 team trains 9 hours a week and competes both as individuals, and in pairs or trios, in levels 5 and 6. They are excited to be travelling to Las Vegas to compete at the Vegas Acro Cup later in March. Coach Erin Oswald keeps them busy and challenges them to work hard on their routines and skills, but sometimes you can catch them all just hanging around at the gym!

From left to right in bars photo: Haya Altameemi, age 13; Sophia McDonald, age 12; Gaby Nunez, age 11; Isla Sheridan-Jonah, age 10; Cosima Ceconi, age 9; Amelia Tessarolo, age 9; Abby O’Keefe, age 11; Emma Yang, age 8; Fiona Loeffler, age 7; Janine Gong, age 8; and Sophia Belal, age 8.

P3 Group

The P3 team consists of two level 7 women’s trios, and one level 6 mixed pair. They
train 13 hours a week with Coach Alyssa Belford, and strive for more complex routines and skills at this level. Catch these 3 partnerships in action at the upcoming Vegas Acro Cup later in March!
From left to right in standing and kneeling photo:

Back row: Maya Borg, age 13; Peyton Morel, age 12; Reis Glowsky, age 10; Jorden Diana, age 11; Amytis Damad, age 12;
Front row: Ella Fedoration, age 8; Lauren Marttila, age 8; Sophie Burda, age 7.

P4 Group

The P4 team athletes range in age from 8 to 15, and are a dedicated and hard-working group. They train 5 days a week (16 hours) with Coach Alyssa Belford, and compete at the Youth level. Within this team are 4 partnerships – two women’s trios, a women’s pair, and a men’s pair. All their hard work and long hours at the gym will no doubt pay off at their upcoming competition in Las Vegas later in March! Best of luck to all!

Pictured in the standing and kneeling photo above:

Back row left to right: Reis Glowsky, age 10; Carly Aaron, age 14; Sara Meneses, age 13; Selena Mekhaeil, age 13; Gabriella Swan, age 14; and Malak Mohamed, age 15.

Front row left to right: Emerson Wong, age 10; Alexandra Kimlemay, age 8; Karolina Kopec, age 10; and Meleana Yazdiani, age 13.

Elite – Age Group/Jr/Sr

The Elite Group trains and competes at the highest levels for acro gymnastics. All of the athletes in this group are between the ages of 10 and 18, and have trained in acro for anywhere from 2 years for the younger, newer members, to 10 years for the older, more experienced members on the team. Most have represented Canada at international competitions in such diverse locations as Portugal, Belgium, Las Vegas, Florida, England and China. Together with the enormous support, guidance, and experience of Coaches Scott Middleton and Greg Boosey, this team has helped bring Canada to the forefront of the international acro gymnastics community.

From group standing/kneeling photo above: Back row, left to right: Coach Scott Middleton; Theo Rots-Chan, age 16; Matteo Sanchez, age 13; Vanessa Nunez, age 16;  Katelynn Baska-Wiltshire, age 16; Ashlee Chan, age 17; Cassandra Larner, age 18; Sydney White, age 15; Teeba Sabeeh, age 15; Olivia Kopec, age 14; Marie-Ève Charette, age 16; Max Hendershot, age 16; and Coach Greg Boosey.

2nd row, left to right: Emilia Ceconi, age 15; Ally Attard, age 13; Karyzza Guillermo, age 13; Charlotte Penner, age 15; Juliana Summers, age 13; and Anabell Ceconi, age 13.

3rd row, left to right: Olivia Beram, age 11; Lola Gray, age 13; Mira Boubou, age 11; Kristian Diana, age 13; Mila Di Salle, age 13; and Madaline Perretta, age 12.

Front row, left to right: Addison Chan, age 10; Joelle Attard, age 11; Avery Lanoue, age 11; and Faith Provost, age 11. Absent: Aubrey Tessarolo, age 11.

*Photos and descriptions by: Carol Summers



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