MAG Third Ontario Cup Results

Congratulations to all of our MAG athletes who competed last weekend in Mississauga at the Third Ontario Cup Qualifier!  In the last qualifier before Provincials we saw many personal best performances and some fantastic overall awards!

Category Athlete Overall Placing Event Placing (Top Three)
9A Graham MacLennon 5th 2nd in PB
Aiden Boily 6th 3rd in FX
Garnet Schultz 8th
9B Colin Jones 1st 1st in VT, 1st in PB, 1st in HB, 3rd in FX, 3rd in PH
Hugh McDowell 2nd 1st in SR, 3rd in PB, 3rd in HB
Sam Guillemette 5th 1st in FX, 3rd in VT
Hilton McDowell 6th 2nd in PH
Alex Wowkodaw 9th
Turner Hames 10th
10-11 A Callum Reid 3rd 1st in SR, 1st in VT, 3rd in HB
Ben Baker 10th 1st in VT
Henry Buck 14th
Ty Cutler 20th
10-11B Alex Snowden 3rd 2nd in PB, 3rd in PH, 3rd in SR, 3rd in HB
James Nelson 4th 1st in PH
10-12B Nicholas Sachade 7th
William Pokou 9th
12-13 Oscar Davies 15th
U13 Will McIntyre 27th
13+ Nathan Wu 7th
Logan Brown 8th 2nd in PB, 3rd in SR
Vince Olivo-Espinos 9th 3rd in SR
Denis Chuprys 17th
Keagan Mulvey 23rd 2nd in HB
14+ Evan Smeets 7th 2nd in VT, 3rd inPB
Quinn Perron 10th 2nd in FX
13-17 Carlos Ortega-Zarate 4th 1st in VT, 2nd in HB, 3rd in PB
Cayden Thompson 20th


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