Introducing Pre-Comp 1

Introducing the Pre-Comp 1 Group. From left to right – Coach Candice, Emma (age 6), Ella (age 6), Sofia (age 7), Killian (age 6), Lily (age 6), Natalia (age 6), Cassidy (age 6), and Elsa (age 6). Each one of these athletes have been working hard on perfecting their level 1 skills. They train 9 hours a week. The girls have just learned walkovers and are working on roundoffs and back handsprings on floor. On beam they are working on handstands and cartwheels. Bars they are working on proper long hang swings, glide swings, kip drills, large casts, squat on the low bar. Finally on vault they are learning front handspring to their back. They work on good form, technique, flexibility, handstand work, and strength. Looking forward to seeing them back in the gym soon !!!!



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