Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Are you closed for school holidays?

We are closed for the following holidays: Victoria Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Family Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day. We are not closed for the more minor school holidays. Please call the office with further questions!

Closings will be listed on the OGC website or you can call the OGC office at (905) 847-7747 and press #5 for club information and closings.

At what age can my child start gymnastics classes?

We offer Daytime Drop-In classes for children able to walk. Otherwise programs start for little ones as young as 1 year old.

Can parents stay and watch or come into the gym?

YES! We have a large viewing area with windows from which you can see most of your child’s class. However, there are some areas of the gym that are not as visible because of structural walls, supports, and equipment. Unless your child is in a parent participation class, our insurance mandates that parents are not allowed in the gym during class times.

Do you offer a discount for families?

No, we do not offer family discounts at this time.

How are classes typically run?

All of our classes begin with a warm up and stretch. Students will learn basic body positions which are the building blocks of our sport. After warm up, students rotate to 3 to 4 different official gymnastics events, during this time the children will review skills learned in previous weeks and will be introduced to new skills.

  • Girls’ Events : Floor, Vault, Bars, Beam and Trampoline
  • Boys’ Events : Floor, Vault, Bars, Rings, Trampoline and Pommel Horse
  • Trampoline and Tumbling Events: Floor, Fast Track, Tumbling Track, Warm Up and Stretch.
  • Acro Events : Floor, Trampoline, Tumbling & Dance Choreography, & Partner work.

How do I know if you are closed for bad weather?

Class cancellation due to weather will be listed on the OGC website, or call the OGC office at (905) 847-7747.

When calling the OGC office, press #5 for Club information and Closings.

How many students are typically in a class?

The number of students in a class varies depending on the age and the particular program.

Student to teacher ratios :

  • Parent and Tot – 8:1
  • 3 year olds – 6:1
  • 4 & 5 year olds – 6:1
  • Girls Recreation 6 and older – 8:1
  • Boys Recreation 6 and older – 6:1
  • Trampoline and Tumbling Beginner – 6:1
  • Trampoline and Tumbling Intermediate and Advanced – 8:1
  • Acro – 8:1

If my child misses a class, how do I schedule a make up class?

Make-up classes are not available due to coach/athlete ratios. In the event of a club cancellation a make-up class will be offered at the club’s discretion.

To whom do I address my questions regarding instruction?

Please speak first to the floor supervisor.

For suggestions, complete a suggestion form and place in the suggestion box at the office.

Also, you can email us at info@oakvillegym.com and address your email to Diane and Agnes. during office hours to leave a message for an instructor.

For OGC competitive program athletes, please contact the program coach directly. You can visit the OGC contact page for contact information.

What are the rules for gymnastics classes?

  1. Visit the OGC policies and safety rules page: OGC Policies & Safety Rules
  2. Regular attendance is important – Gymnastics is a progressive sport; missing classes may cause your child to fall behind the rest of the class.
  3. Students only in the gym – Only participating students are permitted in the gym area during class time (unless otherwise instructed). Students are not allowed on any of the equipment before or after their class unless supervised by an instructor. Parents are asked not to converse with the students while in a class situation.
  4. No food or gum is permitted in the gym workout area.

What do I do my first day of gymnastics?

On your first day of class, leave your belongings (jacket, shoes, socks, loose clothing, etc) neatly in the appropriate change room, then wait in the downstairs lobby until the instructor calls your name or group.

What is the proper attire for gymnastics class?

  • We recommend girls wear a leotard.
  • The boys are required to wear loose fitting shorts with no buttons, buckles or zippers.
  • Jewelry of any kind is not allowed in the gym.
  • Gymnasts participate bare foot.
  • Hair must be tied back for the safety of the gymnast..

Payment & Registration Information

What if we want to drop a class?

Please read the club rules and policies on the class registration form and also online when you first begin the registration process.

OGC Policies

Can I start a class after the session begins?

Providing there is a vacancy and you have registered for the class. There is no makeup for any classes missed at the start of the program.

Can we choose any class or do we have to commit to one day & time?

You must pre-register choosing a specific day and time from the OGC program schedule on our website. If you need to change classes our office staff will assist you to make adjustments.

If your preferred time slot is not available, OGC office staff will assist you in finding a time slot that best fits your schedule.

How do I register for a class?

First take a look at our program schedule, which can be found on the main page in the same section as registration and decide which day and time you would prefer.

Registration is online only.