Competitive Families

Welcome to the Oakville Gymnastics Club

Whether you are a new Competitive family or a Recreational family looking to explore your options, Welcome to our new Competitive Family section.

We understand that joining a new gym or progressing through a gym can be quite overwhelming therefore we hope that the following information can help you find you find your way in the gym or at the very least assist you in finding where to look or who to ask for answers.

At Oakville gymnastics we are a not for profit organization therefore we rely on our families to help us to assist in keeping our costs down while we strive to operate a safe and comfortable environment for our members; kids and parents alike.

Yours truly,

Oakville Gymnastics Board of Directors


We want you to feel welcome in the club.  You are an integral part of our community and are always welcome to approach any of us at any time and welcome to join in on our fundraising opportunities and various social activities.

While there is information that currently may not pertain to you at present, who knows, that cartwheel, somersaulting child you have just registered may one day be one of our competitive athletes vying for a scholarship or om way to compete at the World Championships.


While we strive provide the best coaching and equipment for all our athletes there are some areas which separate us from the Recreational families.

We all know we want not only great coaches, we also need up to date and working equipment which is safe for our athletes both Competitive and recreational inclusively; we also want a safe and well maintained complex along with competitive fees in the industry.

In trying to provide all of those it does come at a cost.  In trying to keep our annual competitive feels as low as possible it is necessary to make up some of these costs in other areas and provide a choice to families on how they would like to cover those costs.

Family Commitment Hours:

These are hours which each and every family is responsible for provided each competitive year.  These hours can be covered in many ways.

You always have the option to buy out any or all of your hours at a rate of $20.00 per hour.

You are welcome to join some committees to “work off” your hours. Various committees may include but are not limited to Santa Claus Parade, Christmas party, Year-end banquet and Gala to name a few.

Other options available are monthly gym cleans, working on our website, working on our newsletter.

The Board is always willing and able to work with our families if you think you have a service which you feel the club may benefit from.  Drop us a line and we can definitely have a discussion.

The number of hours your family is responsible for is dependent on the number of hours your child trains.  These were outlined in your enrollment package.  If you are unsure please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

If you aren’t interested in “working off” your hours and wish to pay them upfront this can be done with the office.  A one-time payment or possibly a payment schedule can be arranged if needed.

For those families who choose to complete their hours we have a sign up program called “Sign Up Genius”.  You should have received instructions on how to register your account upon joining Oakville Gymnastics.  If you need a hand let your discipline liaison know and they will be happy to assist you.

The office will send an email prior to a Sign up going live and provided a date and time and will then send out a notice once it is live.

If you unable to sign up when it comes out don’t fret, there will be other postings at future dates.

When a posting is live only one sign up per family is accepted.  Once there has been an opportunity for all members to sign up if there are still spaces available we will then open it up to multiple members of a family.

Each month our Commitment Hours Committee will email and updated account of the standing of earned hours and hours still required.  This is under the Competitive Section of the website.

It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that their hours are up to date.  If you notice a discrepancy please notify us as soon as possible so we can investigate and rectify the issue as soon as possible.  This can be done through


These are hours that are requested and required from the Competitive Community.  These hours are “different” from Family Commitment Hours.

Family meet hours are hours which are required to be fulfilled during a “hosted competition” for one of our many disciplines.  The Meet hours are treated as a Competitive Community and “NOT” on a per discipline basis. Eg.  If Acro is hosing a meet it is required for families from all disciplines, Arco, Tumbling, MAG and WAG completed the allotted Family meet hours as outlined at the beginning of the year.

There is A LOT of work to make a successful competition.  Time, dedication and hard work which required us to all pull together as a competitive community to make this happen.

There will be many opportunities to volunteer in areas such as registration, awards, music, MC, food, coordinators to name a few.  There will be shifts for each area over potentially a couple days so there will always ample opportunity to complete these hours.

Failure to complete these hours will result in a one time fee “per competition” of $350.00 charged to each family.

Questions regarding meet hours can also be directed to


We all know competitive sport is always expensive.  One way we try to offset these funds are by doing fundraising at the Club level.

The Club as a whole will always welcome sponsors however to help offset costs to our coaches for travelling as well as athletes to keep costs down it is necessary to do fundraising throughout the year.

These have been done on a per sport basis, or as a Club as a whole.

While the Board is always working to expand the options available we welcome the input of new and exciting ideas.

If you have a knack for fundraising let us know as we are forming an actual Fundraising Committee going forward.