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Glen Abbey Sports Injury Clinic - Bios

Clinic - Bios

Niki Lavoie

B.A., R.M.T., Dip S.I.T., A.P., C.M.A.P.

Owner & Operator


  • Social Sciences degree in Psychology from McMaster University
  • Certification in Massage Therapy, Sports Injury Therapy and Acupuncture
  • Emergency Medical Responder


  • Nicole has had much experience as a therapist to many athletes from different sports, as well as members of the community.
  • She has worked extensively with the National Trampoline and Tumbling team, as well as the Canadian Men’s Artistic Gymnastics team. She has worked in a clinic specializing in Motor Vehicle Accident victims for a number of years and has been the owner and operator of the Glen Abbey Massage and Sports Injury clinic for approximately 5 years.
  • Nicole is also one of the therapists for the performers of Cirque du Soleil when they travel to the area.

Dr. Scott H. Lee

D.C., B. Sc. (H.K.)


  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • B. Sc. (Kinesiology)


  • Dr. Scott Lee is the newest team member of the Glen Abbey Massage and Sports Injury Clinic!
  • He brings with him many years of experience and expertise in the practice of chiropractic.
  • He is a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and has run his multidisciplinary healthcare clinic in Burlington since 1995. His experience with chiropractic as a young child and after motorcycle injury in his early 20’s helped him to define the importance of preventative care and patient responsibility to their health.
  • He was Department Head of Physiology for the Canadian Therapeutic College from 1997-2009.
  • He currently consults on injury diagnosis and appropriate treatment protocols for individuals who have sustained injuries in motor vehicle accidents.
  • Dr. Lee takes a particular interest in athletic injuries and the prevention of associated biomechanical disorders.

John Smyth


  • Hot Stone Massage Certification
  • John obtained two Bachelor’s Degrees from McMaster University
  • Diploma in Sport Injury Management from Sheridan College.
  • Certified Athletic Therapist
  • Masters in Sports Science
  • Doctorate in Acupuncture
  • Emergency Medical Responder and Instructor, First Aid Instructor


  • John Smyth is the newest member of the Glen Abbey Massage & Sports Injury Clinic and he brings with him many years of experience and expertise! Patients can see John for Massage Therapy, Sports Injury Therapy and Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, Ultrasound, and IFC.
  • John has much experience in private practice at clinics both in Pickering and in Ajax. After leaving private practice, John entered the academic world at Canadian Therapeutic College, as the Chair of the Sports Injury Therapy Program. He concurrently studied Acupuncture obtaining his Doctorate and also studied both Massage and Sports Injury Therapy, receiving Diplomas in each area.
  • John has worked with various teams in a variety of sports over the years, including the Canadian National Team in Trampoline and Tumbling, as well as Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and University Sport. John also is the current Head Trainer with the Burlington Braves Football Club of the OFC. John is also a Certified Doping Control Officer with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.

Onika Green

Mental Performance Coach


  • Masters degree in the field of sport and performance psychology
  • Mental Health First Aid

Onika is currently completing her Master of Human Kinetics degree, with a concentration in sport intervention and consultation, at the University of Ottawa. With a bachelor degree in honors psychology, from the University of Guelph, Onika has a passion for inspiring and supporting others in their journey to high performance and overall wellbeing.

Onika grew up in competitive dance, and loves to be involved in the world of sport. In addition to dance, she grew up running cross-country, and playing other sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball. As an athlete, Onika knows first hand the physical and emotional strain that can arise when your heart is invested in your sport. This has shaped her approach as a mental performance consultant, as she practices from a place of compassion, support, and understanding for the unique experiences of each athlete she encounters.


  • Mental performance coach for national level gymnasts
  • Mental performance coach for elite level hockey, rugby, and baseball players
  • Mental performance coach for competitive youth dancers, figure skaters, soccer and hockey players
  • Mental performance consultant for chronic pain patients in physiotherapy clinics across GTA
  • Physical activity counselor for cardiac rehabilitation patients at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Sarah Dybka