2nd Ontario Acro Cup – Results are in!

The 2nd Ontario Acro Cup was held yesterday in Woodbridge and we are pleased to report that all OGC athletes did extremely well. As the sport continues to grow, the competition only gets fiercer and we couldn’t be more proud of how well OGC continues to do.

Level 6 pair – Meleana and Aliza – 1st place 🥇

There were great scores all around and perhaps more importantly, great displays of sportsmanship and smiles everywhere you looked.

11-16 trio – Karyzza, Joelle, Ally – 1st Place 🥇

Thank you to Woodbridge Academy of Gymnastics for hosting, to all the event organizers for making the event possible, and of course, to the judges.

11-16 trio – Sofia, Laila, Addison perform a balance skill

See the complete list of results for OGC athletes below:

Level 5 mixed pair – Amelia and Lucas – 1st place 🥇
Level 6 trio – Cosima, Rebecca, Fiona – 1st place 🥇


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